Mathematical Lies

Mathematical Lies

Mathematical Lies

Several questions i need to answer… about the existence of such so-called “FACTS” in modern science, about the true entity of mathematics, logic and statistics…

Physics… the only romantic thing in my life 



At least, i can passionately observe the development of different phenomenon, knowing and believing that they occur…undoubtedlysolutions…!!!

Mathematics…is it a big lie…? There’re NO exac assumptions…. deceptions we make to convince ourselves that we can generalize a single “mathematical” lie to define or describe a large dissimilar naturally occurring phenomenon ….


Definitely, …!!! Every single physical phenomena has the right to have an absolutely independent mathematical description…. deception…lie….

My dear beloved physical phenomena… how much mathematicians abused you..raped you…deprived you from the basic and fundamental rights of existing independently… i can’t do anything for you….

I can just do like them….!



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  1. actually this is not a comment for this post, but u put a comment on “Asas-asas Islam” earlier in my blog giving your opinion to translating it into English..maybe u should click here!:

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